Internship Program for International Students in Nagaoka City

Program overview

This program, entitled “Internship at a Company in Nagaoka City,” is designed for international students who are considering employment in Japan or seeking practical training at a local company. Participants will gain valuable internship experience within the city, which they can leverage in their future career planning.

This website serves as a platform to match international students with companies in Nagaoka, enabling them to gather information about internships and apply without facing language barriers.
Participating companies will partially subsidize the cost of transportation, lunch, and insurance for the internships.

Note: Students who already have an employment offer are not eligible to participate in this program.

*Please prepare your resume for the internship application and bring it to your interview with the company.

Select the company you wish to intern with from the list of host companies provided. Rank your choices from first to third and register via the application form link provided. Please create your CV by using the provided format, and submit via the application form link.

   Winter internship applications will be available in the fall

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