About n-joy


The cornerstones of any generation to enter the job market are sound linguistic abilities needed in order to be able to breach the language barriers between diverse people, and a mindset focused on understanding and respecting multiple cultures, regardless of race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, age, or gender differences. Making the connections that these cultural components yield a priority, the n-joy project aims to connect talent with the right opportunity and attract global young talent to Nagaoka.


Demands for young bilingual candidates in the Japanese market increased significantly in the last year in response to the rapid business growth market.

・Based on local market partnership, the n-joy platform created a page that provides specific information to TECHNAGAOKA, offering candidates opportunities to work in a multicultural environment in Nagaoka and for companies to extend their expertise beyond the local reach.
・Offer a real-time list of open job positions of companies in Nagaoka, including items such as monthly salary, working hours, and specific job descriptions in English and Japanese.
・n-joy project has gathered a group of outstanding international staff, backed by extensive business, public sector, and academic experience, who will help candidates each step throughout the application process.



IBStaff is a recruitment agency specializing in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding local and international talent and solving work-related issues for individual employees.

Our Partner

“n-joy is a social innovation project created by students for students with the support of the local administrative and start-up community, primarily specializing in the fields of talent operations, human resources, talent acquisition, and hiring support while partnering with the young generation and local organizations. We will continue to promote the n-joy project, which was proudly created and will be continuously developed through creative and innovative ideas born in Nagaoka for the sake of Nagaoka residents. We want to see Nagaoka grow as a model city with a highly efficient workforce to help improve the local economy. Last but not least, as a member of n-joy’s dynamic multicultural team, I am determined to contribute to a diverse, equal, and inclusive environment where young international and Japanese students can contribute to the development of society.”

Kharisrama Trihatmoko, Representative Director